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How we sell matters!
We support you to find the right approach to grow your business & impact!

Our vision

We want to contribute to make this world a better place to live for everyone. There are so many challenges today like climate change, forced migration, armed conflicts, disintegration of social consensus, digital transformation, emergency in our care and education systems and many more societal problems that call for solutions – all grouped in 17 Social Development Goals of the Agenda 2030 of United Nations.

We do so in supporting Social Entrepreneurs and Impact Businesses or Open Source Startups that add real value to our people and societies, solving social or ecological problems or making the use of technology possible also for those who can’t afford expensive solutions.

Our mission

We strive to support you in engaging customers, partners, investors, sponsors or donor organizations for your business in order to scale your impact! From the first contact up to getting a YES! to your proposal or idea – we help you to be more efficient and successful in your sales and acquisition process, save time and money and sleep better!

When supporting you, we pledge to the following 6 principals:

Put the person before the sale.

Help them make the best choice for their needs, not yours.

Practice honest marketing.

Tell the truth, don’t lie.

Commit to transparency.

Communicate clearly, and don’t withhold information.

Take responsibility.

Contribute to the betterment of Social Innovation & Impact-Business

Sell with integrity.

Honour explicit and implicit promises.

Level the playing field.

Recognize vulnerable segments, don’t discriminate.

Our services

We offer a wide range of coaching services, training sessions and consulting workshops. We offer these services onsite and online, all with an ethical approach and never loosing out of sight striving for system change and the fact that scaling your impact does not automatically mean scaling your business .

For an overview of all services please have a look at the services page.

About Andrea Mörike

After 20 years in IT Sales & Business Development and after having founded, grown and then merged her own Open Source Startup, Andrea took a sabbatical, studied hard for 9 months how to make Social Entrepreneurs successful, became an Ashoka Visionary Program Alumna, and decided to leave the well-paid IT Sector to dedicate the second half of her carrier to support Social Entrepreneurs and Impact Businesses and make them succesful – for the good of our people and planet! Since then she supported many different Social Businesses.

What our customers say

„Andrea Mörike is an experienced consultant who will equip your organisation with useful tools, sharp analysis and insights to peoples’ agendas. Sharp and to the point, Andrea designs her sessions inclusively and coherently. Investing in Andrea Mörike’s services means investing in your organization and saving you money, time and sweat. She will definitely put you up the right track.“

Participant Implementation program 2019

„If you are faced with an overwhelmingly complex topic like “sales”, Andrea is the one to go to, because you will find clarity in her words and simplicity in her tools to deal with it.“

Participant, Sales Deep Dive, Impact Hub Munich

„Andrea is a great trainer with a vast business experience in sales and IT platforms. It is unique when the trainer can deliver complicated business approaches in an easy to understand way. Moreover, Andrea did a great job to transform tradition sales approaches to the non – profits and social entrepreneurship approaches.“

Participant, Stakeholder Workshop, Ashoka, VIENNA

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