Our Services

Special offerings for Social Enterprises


A seven weeks online sales training and implementation program in live websessions, and group coachings.
How we sell matters!

Engaging a partner for Co-Creation – Workshop to identify, win and co-create with bigger partners.

Shadowing – take me to an important meeting! I will help you to prepare, be present and give you feedback afterwards.

Stakeholder Management – Workshop to identify the relvant stakholders, their roles and orientation as well as strategies to manage them.

Mindset Session

Topics like sales, acquisition, fundraising or money are often seen as unethical, egoistic or mean. Maybe you don’t like to do that or think you are not the right person to do it. That is wrong: there is an ethical way of selling that can be fun!


Ethical Sales for everyone!


From Sales Basics Trainings, across Deepdives into all the intermediate stages of the sales process until the final fair and successful negotiations. How we sell matters!

Consulting & Coaching

Development of customized sales trainings and workshops, of your Business Model Canvas or your Mission Model Canvas, of your Value Proposition. Developing the right Scaling Strategies for your Social Impact.

Coachings during the entire acquisition-cycle of a customer, partner, project, sponsor, investor or institutional donor, For example coaching of telesales, phone calls, meetings, opportunity coachings, deal coachings, coachings of sales managers or sales employees, business development reps, negotiation coachings, etc. Coachings regarding your Theory of Change & Impact Planning


  • Women in IT / male-dominated domains
  • Women – the leaders of this 21st century
  • New Work: how Social Enterprises disrupt organizational barriers
  • Why the world needs Social Entreprises now!